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Freelance USA … a revolutionary approach …

Have you heard of a freelance platform that develops your project without you moving or spending huge sums? No ? Of course.
We are a perfect ally! .
Our expert team will take care of your project specifications, project management until the final development of the project.
An army of qualified developers who guarantees you a fast execution and an optimal quality.
We have developed a reliable job automation system that performs simple and repetitive tasks to allow our team of developers to focus on large-scale tasks.

You have a specification or not finished yet lack of means?
We come to your rescousse !

Contact us now so we can discuss it over a little coffee!

Together we are more productive ..


Our pioneering micro-work approach is unleashed by complex and time-consuming classical project management procedures.

The ultimate goal behind this approach is to design and develop projects with a client’s own specifications.

Dev factory is a freelance platform dedicated to any person or company wishing to reduce project management costs in terms of financial, human or administrative resources.
In order to facilitate and optimize the experience of our customers, our experts will take care of the fragmentation of the specifications in order to divide the project cycle into micro-tasks.

Because each task takes time for the development team, including the simple and repetitive tasks that are essential for the proper functioning of the project.

Why choose freelance usa Dev Factory

Customization and flexibility:

  • It is believed that the same service can not meet the needs of all our customers. For that as a client, you can have project management or development services whatever the size of the project. For you Freelance Developers, you can secure multiple projects by performing micro tasks anywhere and anytime.

Fail learn succeed

  • We tried for you and sometimes we failed (a lot ...) for you! and finally, we have managed to find the best solutions to meet your needs and offer you the best customer experience you can have.

Fun and serious

  • The individual seriousness allows the collective fun. It is believed that the formula of success is composed of good working conditions and seriousness. In short, we are serious people but we drink smoothie. For this, we will ensure you the best service you can get as a Freelance Developer or a customer looking for a service.

Because you can enlarge your project without recruiting collaborators :

  • "Dev factory" offers you qualified experts and developers who will take care of your projects and your tasks without you recruiting collaborators and thus SAVING!

For us, each project, we dissect it on 3 stages. IT freelance usa dev factory

Be it a freelancer web platform, a website with advanced techniques, a custom software and more! Whether on a computer, a tablet, a connected watch or on a smartphone, our specialists use techniques to ensure optimal display on any type of media.


The sending of the specifications to the freelancer


Track the progress of your project


Congratulations! your project is ready
From the first stage we will have the pleasure to receive you your specifications. One of our experts is involved to ensure good planning and follow up throughout the project.
You can track your project and view progress with our real-time project management tool!
We guarantee coordination, consistency and quality in all stages of your project. The success of your project is our first mission.

The best talents are on our Dev Factory freelance usa platform

Through our platform, you will have the chance to work with talented freelancer developers who will meet your needs in all types of projects.

Come with your projects, your goals, your desires … we experts and freelancer developers are waiting for you to realize them …

  • 60%Web application
  • 15%Data base
  • 8%E-Learning
  • 4%Microsoft Windows
  • 20%Customized software

Let us help you work faster and on everything more efficiently.

Find Independent Services For Your Business Today

What we offer on our freelance usa computing platform

Our team of freelance developers-it builds the cavalry to develop software and custom modules, able to highlight your content and your processes.

Our watchwords: targeted needs, intuition, simplification, agility and performance.

Publish a project

Post a quote request, it’s free and without commitment.


It is with pleasure that we answer your questions by phone at 0 — or by mail …..

100% secure payment

A payment platform, secure and encrypted, without access to your confidential banking data.

All transactions made on the site are highly secure https (small padlock closed in the address bar).

A dedicated team

Our team is made up of visionary strategists and project management experts who boost your results in web development, web application, communications and e-commerce.
Their support is permanent our team will be present throughout your project.

Our process

Realize your craziest ideas by co-authoring specifications that suit your purpose and your needs

Step 1
Step 2
The sending of specifications
Step 3
Study of the specifications by an expert
Step 4
Publication of micro tasks on the platform
Step 5
Kickoff of work
Step 6
Quality control by an expert
Etape 7
Step 8
Step 9

Freelance usa In one blink, turn your ideas into action

Our team is able to ensure a personalized, efficient and secure management of all types of projects and to offer you the best in the industry. Whether it is a large-scale project requiring a multi-pronged strategy or rather a targeted and instantaneous one-off development.
Our next step will be to integrate a machine learning system to automate the process and make it simpler and more autonomous.

Our freelance platform France is able to meet your needs and offer you the best in the industry today and tomorrow. Whether it’s a large-scale project requiring a multi-pronged strategy or rather a targeted and instantaneous one-off development, dev factory ai is the platform that can make the difference.


We are at your disposal if you need help.

Whether you are a freelance freelancer or freelancer, just fill out our form (link), Once the form validated, That's it you are registered. It is free and without obligation.

The micro job is to split a large job into small jobs that can be distributed to many people over the Internet

Payment transactions are secure and encrypted, no third party will have access to your data without your permission.

The payment is done after the validation of the expert.


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